Microsoft Edge extensions and other improvements still “coming soon”

We reported earlier on the first ever Microsoft Edge browser Q&A that was being hosted on Twitter. At the time, many of us here at WinBeta expected the usual moaning and groaning of missing features and daft comparisons to absent Chrome-like features of the browser. However, the community at large surprised us with poient questions about the future of Microsoft’s Edge browser. Furthermore, the response from the Edge team were also very encouraging and laid out a clear path the browser is set on.
During the almost 2-hour long rapid fire Q&A, the Edge team stayed on focus and answered most questions with a relatively clear answer to most.
Right out of the gate, the Edge team was presented with extension API questions. Edge users wanted to know when they could expect the new Edge browser to beef it up in the extensions department. Unfortunately, the Edge team has no estimates on the when extensions would be implemented. However, the team seems to understand it’s a major draw and claims to be working on it.
The Edge team hard at work
@MSEdgeDev A.) What's for lunch? B.) Any news on when we can expect the extension API?

@nickgully Sandwiches, fruit, cookies! No ETA for extensions but it's a priority for the team & we're working on it.