What was your favourite build from these Windows 10 Mobile Builds?

I personally liked most builds but build 10.0.10536.1004 was a real headache.

Source for the above and below content: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_10_Mobile

Table of versions: Windows 10 Mobile
Release date
February 12, 2015
User interface

Home screen wallpaper displayed behind translucent tiles rather than within them

Live tiles can be tall in size

Updated design for context menus

General user experience

Ability to expand notifications

Actionable notifications

Action Centre with additional settings toggles and same design across Windows 10 devices

App list redesigned with wallpaper as background, recent installed apps at top and ability to search for apps

Keyboard contains virtual pointing stick for text selection and a voice input button

Notifications can be synchronized between other Windows 10 devices

Press and hold on any toggle in Action Centre takes you to respective settings of that option

Reminder of coming calendar events when turning the device off

Security features

Device encryption option


New file explorer app

Rendering engine developed in Microsoft Edge hosted in Internet Explorer

Standard camera app changed to match functionality and appearance of Lumia Camera app
"Universal" apps

Alarms app, adding world clock, timer, and stopwatch modes

Calculator app with a built in unit converter

Photos app with One Drive synchronization, collections and automatic photo enhancements

Settings app with the same categorization and layout on Windows 10 devices

Sound recording app added

(Build 10051)
April 10, 2015
General user experience

Keyboard can be made smaller and shifted to the left or right of the screen for one-handed use on large-screen devices
LED notification support for individual apps

Pen and inking support

Possibility for speech input in virtually any data field one can type.

Possibility to delete the primary Microsoft account without resetting the device

Possibility to set battery saver threshold anywhere from 60% to 5% battery
Smart dialling

Updated app switcher that moves from left to right, up to 15 recently used apps and new grid layout for large-screen devices

Security features

App permissions for location Windows apps

Maps app with Here Maps data, Cortana integration, turn-by-turn navigation

Music app with One Drive syncing of music and playlists Outlook mail and Outlook calendar

People app which aggregates people across social networks and is synced with Windows 10 devices
Phone and Messaging apps

A new web browser app (codenamed "Project Spartan")
(Build 10052)
April 21, 2015
Bug fixes

Camera's viewfinder application

Disable data connections

Downloading keyboards in additional languages

Entering the correct PIN code would freeze some phones

Flight mode

MMS settings being lost while installing the preview
(Build 10080)
May 14, 2015
User interface

New accent colours

New live tile animation

Setting for background transparency

Transparent tiles with background within as in Windows Phone 8.1

General user experience

Change keyboard language by swiping space bar

Long press on QWERTZUIOP letters for number access

New technology support

Mouse pointing devices

Windows apps

Getting started app

Office for Windows 10, including Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word

Preview Music

Preview Video

Windows Store beta

Xbox App
(Build 10136)
June 16, 2015
User interface

All apps letter 'jump' buttons are ALL CAPS instead of lower case

Many UI refinements

Split-view settings in landscape mode on higher-res displays General user experience

3G only setting for highest connection speed

Cortana improvements

Reachability feature for 5" devices and above, press and hold Windows button for screen to slide down
Search box replacing the search button at the top of the all apps list

Battery Saver now displays detailed information on an application's battery usage concerning lighting up the screen, running the processor or transferring data

The ability enable and disable One Drive backups for individual applications.

"Project Spartan" (in later betas, and released Windows 10, branded as Microsoft Edge)
Internet Explorer Mobile – removed
In Private mode
Secure sites – marked with a badge
Full-screen videos

A "Save as" option for web images to convert files into .png or .jpg images

New technology support

VPN Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) and Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol (SSTP)
Digital video stabilization
(Build 10149)
June 25, 2015
User interface

Updated icons and visuals (including visual controls)
General user experience

Flashlight toggle in notification centre

Quiet hours enabled from Cortana's notebook

Option for showing notification panes on the lock screen

Download limit on 3G networks removed

Windows apps

"Project Spartan" branded as Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge gained option to view a website as "desktop" or "mobile"

Microsoft Edge's address bar moved to bottom of the screen

Automatic camera roll back up is now enabled from the One Drive application
Photos now supports .gif files

Photos now shows albums (Camera roll, screenshots, saved photos)
New technology support

The built-in camera application now supports Face detection

HTTP Live Streaming
July 10, 2015
General user experience

Removal of the Windows Phone Store

"Universal" Windows Store is out of beta

Battery icon in Action centre is now larger

Users who forgot their PIN are now prompted to enter "A1B2C3" as opposed to being locked out of their mobile telephones requiring a hard reset

Ability to change PIN with Microsoft accounts after 5 failed attempts

Bug fixes

Compatibility for apps has been improved

Improved reliability of app downloads and updates from the Store

Missing migration screen post-reboot when updating has been re-implemented
August 12, 2015
General user experience

Users can now set the Lock screen and background image from within the Photos app

Improvements to the Kid's Corner tile layout

Improved reliability of Data Sense notifications

Bug fixes

General improvement in overall stability and performance

Fixed an issue where apps installed on SD cards weren't working after a reboot

Improved Latvian and Chinese inputs

Modified Shape Writing algorithm to be less aggressive in suggesting contact names over common words

Resolved an issue where Camera would not launch when the phone was locked

Fixed an issue where notifications for incoming text messages weren't appearing

Fixed an issue where the touch screen wouldn't be responsive after ending a phone call on some devices

Fixed an issue where folder tiles have obviously overlapping text

Over 2,000 other bug fixes
September 14, 2015
General user experience

One-handed mode for all phones

Added Japanese and English (India) speech recognition for Voice input

Bug fixes

Loading loop of start screen fixed

Lock screen delay of date and time fixed

Mobile hotspot functionality restored

Pinch and zoom in Maps app

Quiet Hours fixed

Single update from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview for all devices
Two-factor authentication is fixed when setting up a device for both text and phone authentication
October 14, 2015
General user experience

Cortana enabled for Japan and English speakers in Australia and Canada

Diverse Emoji characters

Lumia Camera is now enabled for Nokia Lumia 1020 devices Option of vibration when an outgoing call is answered

Text box in the Messaging application can now be expanded

New technology support

USB On-The-Go

Windows Hello
October 20, 2015
General user experience

Cortana can now order automobiles via the Uber service

Email accounts are now placed under general account settings

Support for sending SMS from a Windows 10 PC logged in to same Microsoft Account

Support for notification of missed calls on a Windows 10 PC logged in to same Microsoft account

The transparency slider for live tiles now controls more than just opacity

VPN quick setting removed from the Action Centre

Skype integration for the Microsoft Messaging and Microsoft Phone apps. Conversations and contacts can be synced with Cortana on a Windows 10 PC

Support added for Indian English in the Cortana service

Block and filter calls and texts

User interface

The introductory text no longer states "Windows Phone" or "Windows 10 Mobile" but instead "Windows 10"

Bing Maps now supports offline maps stored on an SD card

Messaging app supports .gif pictures, provides search functionality in messages and lets users toggle message synchronisation across devices

Phone app can search contacts displayed in the call history, hows how many rings a missed caller has waited

October 29, 2015
Bug fixes

Dual-SIM issues in build 10572 fixed

Fixed bugs that affected battery life

Fixed issue in Build 10572 where the Chinese Pinyin QWERTY keyboard stopped working after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1

Fixed issue where user couldn’t choose some apps to show quick status on the Lock screen

Hey Cortana functionality restored for some devices that upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1

Improvements to text prediction and auto-correction

Possible to select photos for sharing through third party apps

Video recording functionality has been improved

Visual Voicemail sync should now work properly
Version 1511
Fast ring:
November 18, 2015
Slow ring:
November 20, 2015
Bug fixes

Start experience corruption fixed after upgrading and restoring previous backups in build 10581

Default save locations in settings restored

Apps in SD card crashes compatibility improved

Improvements to Messaging + Skype app

Apps and games download more reliably
Announced features
User interface

Spotlight lock screen

General user experience

Charging while device is off

New technology support

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Windows Camera

Extended variable photo sequence

Independent flash control


Square aspect ratio resolutions

Video HDR