My Year With Microsoft Lumia 535....

27th December 2014 I had brought myself a Microsoft Lumia 535.As a Tech Blogger, Developer and etc. I just had the time to glance through and compare the specifications with other smart phones in the market at that time. Out of the other smart phones I had taken a look  at the Microsoft Lumia stood out firstly because I was a diehard fan of Microsoft and secondly the pricing was attractive for an intermediate level smart phone. Let’s take a look at the Specification before we go on any further….

·         5-inch IPS LCD (960 x 540)

·         1.2 GHz quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 200

·         1 GB RAM

·         8 GB storage

·         MicroSD card support (Up to 128 GB)

·         1905 mAh battery

·         5 MP rear camera

·         5 MP front-facing camera

The first week with the Lumia 535 was so perfect until the Microsoft Windows Store started giving me errors, since I had a small background of technical knowledge in both Hardware and Software of Smart Phones and Computers I was able to fix them myself.

A few months later a nightmare with the device occurred and that was the “crazy” touch screen issue which the first batch of Lumia 535 users had. (Common Issue) To be very honest I was so mad I it.I had sent my device to the Microsoft / Nokia Care Center for a several times but the first few times they were unable to fix it.After the touch screen issues were fixed  I had the time to master the features of the device including the developers features. Now I didn’t have any more issues after that. So I started helping other people to fix their Nokia/Microsoft devices.

After sometime I joined the Windows Insider Program and got the mobile Builds. The insider builds were perfect until builds 10.0.10166.0 and 10.0.10512.1000.They were the only two Windows 10 mobile build that drove me mad.Other than those 2 builds all the others were perfect and if there were errors with the device it was automatically fixed. (SD Card errors, Store Errors and etc.)Now I am using Windows 8.1 again on my phone and will upgrade to Windows 10 mobile builds to get the maximum of My Microsoft Lumia…..

To wrap up things

Microsoft Lumia 535 is a intermediate smart phone with an attractive budget.As a normal user I wouldn't recommend it at all but as developer I learnt a lot of things from it... Overall I would give a 4/10 as the rating.