Windows 10 'Blue Screens of Death' may add QR codes to help troubleshoot issues

If you encounter the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" when you use Windows 10, you might also see a QR code show up in the future. Microsoft is quietly testing the addition of QR codes for at least a few Windows 10 users.
Windows 10 BSODReddit user 'javelinnl' (via Neowin) posted a screenshot of a VM version of Windows 10 with the QR code. In theory, users could use a smartphone and scan the code, which can then take the user to a specific support page. They could get more info on the error and troubleshoot their PC to find out what caused the crash and prevent it from happening again.
Such a QR code, combined in a BSOD alert, could make finding and fixing a Windows 10 issue much faster. There's no word on when, or if, Microsoft might add this new feature for all Windows 10 users.