Best All-in-One PCs

If space is at a premium, how about filling it with an all-in-one PC?
When a lot think of an all-in-one, they think of the iMac. It's true that Apple has been in the space a lot longer than most, but it's also no longer the de-facto choice.
The Windows 10 ecosystem has a lot of great products to offer, and all-in-one PCs are no exception. As technology advances we're seeing more and more crammed inside a single box than ever before.
If you're thinking of picking one up, then we're here to help. Here we've rounded up some of the best ones you can buy today.


ASUS is no stranger to making high-end PC hardware and the Zen AIO pro is no exception. It's also one of the best looking Windows 10 all-in-one PCs you'll find anywhere. But the beauty isn't only skin deep.
Inside the Zen you'll find the latest 6th generation Skylake processors from Intel, lashings of SSD storage, dedicated 960M graphics from NVIDIA, 8GB of RAM and USB-C connectivity.
Add to that a gorgeous 4K display staring back at you and you have a machine great for work and play for everybody. You also get the added bonus of an Intel RealSense camera array, which means Windows Hello support.

Dell XPS 27

XPS 27
Dell's big, bad all-in-one may be getting a little long in the tooth at this point, but it's still worth attention. Not least because of its massive and impressive 27-inch 1440p touch display.
Inside you're looking at Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, albeit still from the Haswell generation, paired with up to 16GB of RAM, 2TB of HDD storage with SSD boot drive and dedicated graphics from NVIDIA.
It's no longer the outright powerhouse it once was when compared to others, but it still has plenty to offer for someone looking for a large, capable all-in-one PC.

Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700

Ideacentre 700
Lenovo's latest higher-end offering in this space is immediately noticeable in a crowd, not least for its design and front facing JBL speakers.
Unlike some other choices, too, you can get this in a smaller, 23.8-inch or larger 27-inch form. Lenovo also gave plenty of choice across the range to tailor your experience, including touch and non-touch display options.
Otherwise you're getting latest generation Skylake processors, 8GB of RAM, up to 2TB of hard drive storage and dedicated graphics from NVIDIA. The choice in size also offers a wide range of prices, making this potentially a very affordable all-in-one PC.

MSI Gaming 27T

Gamers looking for a desktop PC would traditionally stay well away from an all-in-one, and with good reason. They're not usually designed for this purpose, but MSI thought that should change.
So what you have here with the Gaming 27T is an all-in-one Windows 10 PC with a GTX980M graphics card from NVIDIA. Pair that up with a Core i7-6700, 16GB of RAM and a combination of 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD, you've got a box that'll handle today's titles with ease.
The display is 'only' 1080p, but for a gaming focus that's probably OK, and it does have touch. It's an interesting PC for sure and the space is all the better for options such as this.

HP Envy 34

Envy 34
If you're looking for something with an instant wow factor, the Envy 34 from HP has that in spades. It's boasting an incredible 34-inch curved 1440p display which is flanked by speakers with Bang and Olufsen tuning.
At the very highest end you can have an Envy 34 with an unlocked Skylake Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage, but you can spend less and still get lots of juicy hardware. Lower down the spectrum you can still get a Core i7 with 12GB of RAM and a combination of HDD and SSD storage.
Throw in an Intel RealSense camera array for Windows Hello and you've ticked pretty much every box with this incredible PC.